SPA Authentiction using OpenID Connect, Angular CLI and oidc-client

03 August 2017 Angular


OpenID Connect is the go to protocol for modern authentication, especially when using Single Page Applications, or client-side applications in general. A library I often recommend to clients is oidc-client, a plain JavaScript library that is part of the IdentityModel OSS project. This handles all of the necessary protocol interactions with an OpenID Connect Provider, including token validation (which strangely some libraries neglect), and is a certified OpenID Connect Relying Party conforming to the implicit RP and config RP profiles.

In this article, we are going to walk through a basic authentication scenario using the Angular CLI and the oidc-client library, during which we will authenticate a user, and then use an access token to access an OAuth protected API. This will use the implicit flow, where all tokens pass via the browser (something to always remember when dealing with code executing on the client, because the application cannot be trusted with features such as long lived tokens, refresh tokens or client secrets)...

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