Python Email Verification Script

24 November 2015 Email Verification
Please note that as of March 2016 I no longer work for Email Hippo Ltd.

Email verification is no secret. All it requires is a little knowledge of the SMTP protocol and your programming language of choice. To prove just how easy it is, I'm going to walk you through the basics using a simple python script. I'm providing this information as-is and completely for free.

Why am I offering this for free?

You may have noticed that I work for Email Hippo, a company whose main product is email verification. At Email Hippo, we are very open about the email verification process; as I said, it is no secret. What separates Email Hippo from a free service or this script, or in fact many of our competitors, is that we can do this with accuracy and in scale (hence the big old hippo).

Warnings and Disclaimers

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