Software Design and Development Conference 2017

SDDConf 2017

This year I’ll be speaking at the first conference I ever attended: London’s Software Design & Development Conference (SDDConf). This is a big first for me, as whilst I’m comfortable talking to user groups or companies in house, this will be the first paid-for conference I talk at.

I attended this conference back in 2015 and it opened a lot of doors for me, both in terms of knowledge and contacts. In fact, it was at this conference that I decided that I wanted to be on the other side of the podium. I can’t recommend attending enough.

My talk, titled Migrating an ASP.NET MVC application to ASP.NET Core, completes the ASP.NET Core track for the conference. In this talk we’ll be taking everything you’ve learnt that week about ASP.NET Core MVC and putting it into practice, taking an existing ASP.NET MVC web application, including hacks seen in production, and recreating it in ASP.NET Core MVC using modern web development practices, leaving us with a speedy, server agnostic solution.

There are early bird discounts running, so make sure you sign up fast!

SDDConf 2017 ASP.NET Track

SDDConf 2017 ASP.NET Track

To find out more about SDDConf, check out their website and twitter.