Getting Started with oidc-provider

24 July 2017 OpenID Connect

OpenID Connect

oidc-provider is an OpenID Connect provider for node.js, providing us with a secure authentication mechanism for our applications, and protection for our APIs. In this article, we’re going to walk through setting up oidc-provider and interacting with it using a couple of different ways.

Why oidc-provider?

It’s a Certified OpenID Provider Library and it’s a framework, unlike some providers which you can only mount and then modify select areas. Whilst this can be good for ensuring expected behaviour (you may be less likely to create security flaws or break functionality), it can be infuriating if you need custom logic or even grant types. The library is certified for all 5 OpenID Provider conformance profiles.

Project Setup

If, like me, you are a complete newbie to node.js and express.js, then the below commands are how we setup a new app...

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The Wrong Ways to Protect an API

06 July 2017 OAuth

OAuth 2.0

Knowing why we don’t use past methodologies can be just as useful as knowing why we use current ones. In this article, we are going to look at past methods for delegating access to an API (the problem that OAuth is the current solution for) and why we shouldn’t use them anymore. Examples in this article are based on systems I’ve seen in the wild or discussed on StackOverflow.


For a user to delegate access (or authorize, give permission) to a mail service to send emails on the user’s behalf. Only send permission must be allowed.

We’re going to use the OAuth terminology of...

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IdentityServer 4 SharePoint Integration using WS-Federation

23 April 2017 Identity Server

Originally published 3 March 2017 on

SharePoint is a popular document collaboration platform from Microsoft, capable of running multiple web applications which in turn consist of multiple web sites. SharePoint also comes with of the box support with other Microsoft products such as Office 365 and Active Directory.

But what if you want to use SharePoint with non-Active Directory accounts? Or have SSO across all of your applications, even on mobile devices? Even Azure AD B2C struggles with this, due to it’s lack of support for SAML 1.1 tokens. This is where traditional identity providers start to struggle and IdentityServer steps in.

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Cloudflare Origin Certificates and Azure App Services

18 April 2017 Azure

Cloudflare Logo

I recently made the move to Cloudflare and have been talking to anyone who will listen about how great it is, both for simplicity and nerdy security features. Yes, even after the media sensation that was #CloudBleed.

One of the things I wanted to do once I moved to Cloudflare was ensure that I had TLS across the entire pipeline. Whilst Cloudflare will ensure you have TLS between the browser and their servers, but they’re a bit more permissive when it comes to TLS between their servers and your origin server (in my case Azure App Service). You’ll see these kinds of images floating around explaining this...

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ASP.NET Core and Docker Environment Variables

18 April 2017 Docker

Docker Logo

When working with ASP.NET Core and Docker, it can be easy to get confused when trying to figure out who is setting what configuration variable and how. Especially if you are using one of the Visual Studio templates with Docker support.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at how configuration settings are applied in both ASP.NET Core, and Docker, and how they interoperate...

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