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Scott Brady
Scott Brady
General ・ Updated July 2020

Why am I writing a blog? Well, there are a few reasons:

  1. To write about the various technologies I work with. The aim is to further my understanding and learn from myself when I inevitably forget everything two weeks later
  2. To provide some help to others struggling in the same places I have
  3. To raise my professional profile, get noticed by someone famous and be offered all of the money...

I am a bit apprehensive about putting my opinions online, and I am concerned that I'll or sound pretentious or like I'm writing my teenage diary. But articles such as this have made me take the plunge and not obsess too much about the wording.

I have a few ideas for some initial posts; I've been working a lot with OpenID Connect and Thinktecture's Identity Server, with the latter having so little documentation for the size and popularity of the project that it would be wrong of me to not share my own experiences.

I also hope to start a part-time PhD at some point in Q3 or Q4 of this year, so hopefully this will serve as a launching platform for some of that content.

I promise I won't write these on the toilet.

Update June 2015

An excellent blog post about your online identity and how it can affect your career is Troy Hunt's very first blog post and his advice on not being a "ghost who codes".

For up to date information about me, check out my About page.

Update July 2020

After writing 84 articles, I've come back to obsess over the wording of my original blog post.

If you are reading this, snooping into my old articles, stop what you're doing, and start writing. Write about the technologies you've worked with this week and publish it. Start finding your writing voice, and keep learning.

While I've definitely found my niche in the identity space, I'm still trying to write articles on new things that I learn and build, even if they don't bring in the crowds. Don't worry if you don't know all the answers, you only need to be one step ahead of someone else to write useful content.