Branca Tool

Branca Test Tool

An online test tool for creating and decrypting Branca tokens. Useful for testing your own Branca implementation against or just seeing what the Branca format looks like. Implemented in .NET using ScottBrady.IdentityModel.

What are Branca Tokens?

Branca is a simple token that uses XChaCha20-Poly1305 for symmetric encryption. While Branca tokens have seen little to no adoption, using Branca is still a better idea than using JWTs signed with an HMAC. But you are better off using something standardized and widely supported, such as JWE.

To learn more about Branca and when to use it, check out my article on alternatives to JWTs.

Branca in .NET

To get started with Branca tokens in .NET, have a read of Replacing JWTs with Branca and PASETO in .NET Core or download the ScottBrady.IdentityModel library from nuget. This library is tested against v0.3.0 (the latest) Branca test vectors; however, note that only v3 of ScottBrady.IdentityModel supports Branca tokens due to Branca’s lack of industry usage.

Your 32-byte symmetric key

When your token was created (unsigned big endian 4 byte UNIX timestamp)

Required for decryption only

The contents of the token you want to create or the token you want to decrypt