SAML Parser

JWT Generator

An online JWT generation tool for creating test and sample data.

I created this tool so that I could easily create JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) without working around the mandatory claims or (valid) opinions of some JWT libraries. I just needed a tool to create a JWT in a specific format to use as an example on my blog or documentation. As a result, the only required value for JWTs created with this tool is the alg header.

To learn more about JWTs, and how to use them securely, check out my Pluralsight course: JWT Fundamentals.

This tool runs entirely within the browser, powered by panva/jose and the browser's Web Cryptography API. As a result, there are some limitations to algorithm support.

This tool does not record any tokens or keys; however, while no data leaves the browser, please do not enter any sensitive data. A private key used on this site should no longer be considered private.

Currently, this tool only supports JWS with asymmetric algorithms. Feature requests are welcome.