If you want to get in contact about speaking engagements, please email me at [email protected]. I usually speak about or run workshops on IdentityServer and OpenID Connect, however when Dom & Brock are hogging this topic I enjoy talking about ASP.NET Core, Azure, Docker, and OpenID Connect on other platforms. Travel & expenses are a minimum requirement to offset my employer's loss of a resource.


.NET Progressive Tutorials 2017

Progressive .NET Tutorials

Modern Authentication for ASP.NET Core with IdentityServer 4

As software developers, we work in one of the most rapidly changing industries available, and in recent years this has been doubly true when we talk about security. Nowadays we have to accommodate a variety of client applications, hosted on any device and anywhere in the world and this means we must take a closer look at how we handle authentication and authorization when dealing with our protected resources.

In this tutorial, we'll be looking at the basics of claims-based identity and access control, OAuth and OpenID Connect, and how IdentityServer can simplify all of this for you. We’ll finish the tutorial with a working installation of IdentityServer, running on .NET Core and Linux, protecting APIs and authenticating users. Whilst we'll primarily use ASP.NET Core throughout this tutorial, the final IdentityServer implementation can work with any application on any stack.

SDD 2017

Software Design & Development (SDD)

Introduction to AdminUI & IdentityExpress

AdminUI is the first supporting product for the IdentityServer project, brought to you by Rock Solid Knowledge and the IdentityServer team. AdminUI brings out of the box features such as user & claim management and simplified IdentityServer configuration management, removing specification specifics when handling OAuth and OpenID Connect configurations. In this talk we'll walkthrough the major features of the AdminUI product and how it can help both new and existing IdentityServer projects.

At the end of the talk we will also have a sneak peek at the feature set for our next product: IdentityExpress. This is a turnkey solution of IdentityServer, bringing .NET’s favourite OpenID Connect Provider to the main stream, without the need for intricate knowledge of the framework or authentication protocols.

Migrating an ASP.NET MVC Application to ASP.NET Core

Some of the most understated improvements in ASP.NET Core are those found ASP.NET Core MVC. With ASP.NET Core we have new tools available for web development: we now have access to web development standards such as bower, npm and gulp, we have simplified resource caching, versioning and failover, and new approaches to partial views previously unavailable to us. In this session we will take an existing ASP.NET MVC application and migrate it to ASP.NET Core from ‘new project’ in Visual Studio to feature parity.

User Groups

  • 2017 - .NET Bournemouth: SPA Identity & Access Control with OpenID Connect & IdentityServer 4
  • 2017 - .NET South West: SPA Identity & Access Control with OpenID Connect & IdentityServer 4
  • 2017 - umBristol: Modern Authentication using OpenID Connect and IdentityServer 4
  • 2016 - Shropshire Devs: Introduction to OpenID Connect and IdentityServer