Year in Review: 2018 Catch Up

Scott Brady
Scott Brady

The past few years since joining Rock Solid Knowledge have been a bit of a blur. I’ve gone from living in a small flat in Cornwall with no central heating, sat all year in a small office of 3, to being married, living in a city, and becoming sick of flying.

I know I’ve accomplished a lot these past few years, but I still seem to feel like I’m not moving fast enough or that someone will eventually discover me for the fraud that I am.

So, to combat this feeling, and since my wife keeps telling me that I should share what I do more often, I’m going to publicly take stock of the past couple of years and think about what I want from 2019. In true social media fashion, I’m going to only discuss the positives, but obviously there were some lows; however, those are private.

Hopefully, this will be useful for me to review again in 2020.

What’s Happened since 2016

In the mad rush since 2016, I have:

Sure, some of those stats are chump change compared to other speakers or consultants or Pluralsight authors, but I’m proud of what I’ve achieved.

The Current State of

Since I created this website in 2015, it’s had a steady increase in traffic. There have been no moments of fame, but rather organic growth.

2018 Website Analytics

Since creating this site, I’ve written 56 articles and released a simple tool for parsing SAML messages. My most popular content has been around IdentityServer, with the more general theory around OAuth and OpenID Connect a close second.

This year, I’ll be focussing on the OAuth and OpenID Connect theory again, but also around general user authentication. The odd ASP.NET Core article will always pop up, I’m sure.

Check out for some of my other IdentityServer related content.

Top 5 Articles So Far

  1. Getting Started with IdentityServer4
  2. Identity Server 3 Standalone Implementation (Part 1)
  3. Python Email Verification Script
  4. OpenID Connect Flows
  5. Identity Manager using ASP.NET Identity

2018 in Pictures

Mikkeller Copenhagen
Discovering Copenhagen as my new favorite city (and not just because of Mikkeller and Warpigs)
New car
I bought a car that wasn't too small for me
Fenway Park
Brock took us to a ball game
Vulcano, Italy
Holiday on the island of Vulcano
The Grand Appeal
Gromit hunting in Bristol
Buxton Brewery - Subliminal with coffee
I found my favorite beer (Buxton Brewery)

Other highlights include:

  • Bombing around the icy lanes of St. Andrews, Scotland in a rear-wheel drive Jaguar
  • Drinking too many stouts
  • Attending an identity conference for the first time

Plans for 2019

Of course, no plan survives contact with the enemy, but this is what I would like to achieve outside of working hours:

  • Get halfway through the cryptopals challenges - even set 1 has been kicking my ass
  • Lay off the imperial stouts - because I’ve gotten fat(ter) and my untappd statistics are embarrassing
  • Buy a house - the big one that’s been in the planning for a while
  • Travel only when necessary - fewer conferences, more quality time with the wife
  • Write at least one blog post a month - that’s all you’re getting from me. This one doesn’t count
  • Read The Imposter's Handbook - because I was a crap academic
  • Redesign my article layout - sidebars are so last year
  • Update the UI of IdentityManager2 - taking ownership of the UI code and simplifying UI customization
The Brady Boys
Happy New Year. We hope you have a good one!